I am excited to share that I have graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer & Information Scinece & Engineering from Syracuse University and started my new position at Samsung Semiconductor US as a Senior Software Engineer.

I had a great learning and living experience at Syracuse and am ready to carry my knowledge and experiences to my new position. It is an honor to join the Forbes #1 employer of the year and looking forward to a great journey!

I am a motivated computer scientist and engineer with several years of experience in application development, database engineering and administration, cloud computing infrastructures, machine learning models, and security applications.

As a software engineer, I have contributed to projects in a broad range of technologies, including web, mobile, cloud, and desktop applications. I am experienced with the full software development stack and have expertise in back-end development.

As a computer scientist, I have done research in virtualization and cloud computing infrastructures during the late years of my undergraduate studies and early years of graduate studies. I developed an interest in machine learning and its intersection with security applications and biometrics in the late years of my graduate studies and have done extensive research in these areas at Syracuse University.

My current career goal is to utilize my fast problem-solving techniques and creative personality for solving real-world problems. I am interested in making cutting-edge systems and applications, especially in large-scale automated systems and distributed infrastructures. My past achievements and teamwork experiences have made me confident in achieving a successful and bright future career.

Contact Information


3655 N First St Unit 09W053, San Jose, CA 95134